16. Telegram From the Department of State to the White House1

68027. For the President and Dr. Brzezinski only. Following telegram Secto 03009 dated March 27, 1977 is repeated to you.

Quote. Secto 3009. Dept pass White House for the President from the Secretary. Subject: Moscow Reception

My reception on arrival Moscow was most cordial. Gromyko was warm and gracious, and agreed readily on a businesslike work schedule to begin March 28 with a meeting with Brezhnev. On the way into town, Brezhnev phoned on the car radio, extended a cordial welcome and sent you and me his best wishes. That is about the sum total of initial impressions, as we get down to business tomorrow.



  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Brzezinski Material, Trip File, Box 41, Vance, Europe and Moscow, 3/27/77–4/4/77: Cables and Memos, 3/15–31/77. Secret; Nodis. Printed from a copy that indicates the original was received in the White House Situation Room. Brzezinski forwarded Vance’s cable to Carter under a covering memorandum that read in part, “Brezhnev’s phone call a nice & clearly deliberate gesture.” In a March 24 letter, Carter provided Vance with pre-Moscow meeting instructions. (Ibid.)