15. Letter From President Carter to Soviet General Secretary Brezhnev1

To General Secretary Brezhnev

The substantive answer to your recent letter2 will be presented in person by Secretary Vance. However, I wish to express my hope that his visit to Moscow will result in substantial general agreements regarding arms reduction and the enhancement of cooperation between our two countries as we search together for a more peaceful and friendly world.

I hope to continue our correspondence after Mr. Vance’s return, and look forward to an early meeting with you. The Secretary of State has my complete confidence, he and I have spent hours together preparing for this important trip, and he is qualified to speak authoritatively on my behalf.

You have my personal good wishes.

Jimmy Carter
  1. Source: Carter Library, National Security Affairs, Staff Material, Office, Outside the System File, Box 69, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR): BrezhnevCarter Correspondence: 3–5/77. No classification marking. The letter is handwritten. In a March 24 covering memorandum to Carter, Brzezinski commented, “It seems to Cy [Vance] and to me that it might be a nice gesture if you were to write a brief (perhaps hand-written) personal note to Brezhnev.” Brzezinski also provided three points for Carter to consider including, all of which are in Carter’s hand-written letter.
  2. See Document 14.