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Foreign Relations of the United States, 1977–1980, Volume VI, Soviet Union

Melissa Jane Taylor
General Editor:
Adam M. Howard

United States Government Printing Office

Department of State
Office of the Historian
Bureau of Public Affairs


This volume is part of a Foreign Relations subseries that documents the most important foreign policy issues of the Jimmy Carter administration. The focus of this volume is on U.S. policy toward the Soviet Union during the Carter administration, demonstrating the growing tension between U.S. and Soviet leaders and the eventual downfall of détente. Relations with the Soviet Union remained at the top of Carter’s foreign policy agenda, just as they had been in the Nixon and Ford administrations. However, the U.S. relationship with the Soviet Union was never simply bilateral in nature; instead, the two super powers were actively engaged politically throughout the world. Therefore, this volume includes documentation on the Middle East, China, Eastern and Western Europe, and the Horn, as well as SALT, emigration, and human rights.