113. Telegram From the Embassy in the Soviet Union to the Department of State1

11859. Subject: Technical Penetration. Ref: State 134109.2

1. Subject to Ambassador Toon’s concurrence, Embassy recommends strongly that vigorous protest be lodged with Soviets regarding major physical penetration of Embassy premises, in total violation of all principles of extra-territoriality and international agreements guaranteeing it. Pertinent facts which might be mentioned include:

A. Construction and maintenance of surreptitious access to Embassy property.

B. Evidence of systematic and repeated violation of Embassy premises by Soviet personnel.

C. Installation and operation of electronic devices on Embassy property.

[Page 363]

2. Consideration might be given to delivering protest to Gromyko during weekend meetings, particularly if he weighs in heavily on Chernyayev and Enger arrest.3

3. This would seem appropriate opportunity to reiterate at high level our standing demand that microwave signals directed at Embassy be shut off forthwith. (Although final judgment must await full technical assessment, it is quite possible that the devices we discovered are associated with microwaves.)

  1. Source: Department of State, Office of the Secretariat Staff, Special Adviser to the Secretary (S/MS) on Soviet Affairs Marshall Shulman—Jan 21, 77–Jan 19, 81, Lot 81D109, Box 3, Moscow Embassy Security, 5/26/78. Secret; Immediate; Nodis.
  2. See Document 111.
  3. See footnote 6, Document 109.