81. Memorandum From A. Denis Clift of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Scowcroft), Washington, May 5, 1976.1 2


May 5, 1976



  • Mr. Clift [DC initialed]


  • Tito’s Health
[Page 1]

[text not declassified] of President Tito’s current health problems — to say the least he is not in decathlon condition.

— His appearance: ruddy to the eye — can be explained by the fact that his grey hair is regularly dyed and a cosmetician makes up his face each day.

— His eyes are failing: the problem may be cataracts.

— His heart suffers from rapid irregular contractions (and the Swiss drug he is taking reportedly carries an increased risk for patients such as him with a history of heart problems).

— His prostate is a continuing problem

— His legs have circulatory problems

— His ears have a defect which causes noise sensation and gives him uncertain balance.

He tackles these problems with Korean root preparation. Ginseng, which, [text not declassified] is an oriental “cure-all” with no known therapeutic effects.

  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, Presidential Country Files for Europe and Canada, Box 22, Yugoslavia (4). Secret; Sensitive. Sent for information. Attached but not published at Tab A is the report,. Scowcroft made two handwritten notations: “Thanks” at the top of the page (and initialed the comment) and “otherwise he’s OK” at the bottom.
  2. Clift conveyed a report on Tito’s health.