49. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to President Ford, October 8, 1974.1 2




  • Henry A. Kissinger [HK initialed]


  • Joint Statements for your Signature During Gierek Visit





October 8, 1974

In preparation for the visit of First Secretary Gierek of Poland, joint statements on US-Polish political and economic relations have been negotiated for signature by you and the First Secretary during the visit.

The Joint Statement on Principles of US-Polish Relations (Tab A) outlines the fundamental principles governing our bilateral relations (and is in keeping with the spirit of the US-USSR and US-Romanian documents already signed).

It establishes that US-Polish relations are founded on the principles of the UN Charter and international law — e. g., sovereign equality, refraining from the threat or use of force, nonintervention in internal affairs and respect for human rights and freedoms. It expresses your determination and that of the First Secretary to develop US-Polish relations in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, and your determination to cooperate on international issues of common interest.

The Joint Statement on the Development of Economic, Industrial and Technological Cooperation (Tab B) endorses further growth in US-Polish Trade, calls for new forms of economic, technological and industrial cooperation, and expresses the agreement of both countries on steps to facilitate the conduct of bilateral business.

Both statements will enhance U. S. efforts to improve US-Polish bilateral political and economic relations. Neither statement commits the United States substantially to positions or courses of action beyond our present positions, and neither involves new expenditures of funds. Both statements are of importance to Poland and they will meet First Secretary Gierek’s desire to leave Washington with tangible United States interest in Poland as an independent political entity and a respected trading partner. I recommend that you approve the Joint Statements, for signature with First Secretary Gierek on October 9.

APPROVE [GRF initialed]


  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, NSC Staff for Europe, Canada, and Ocean Affairs, Box 72, October 1974—Poland—First Secretary Gierek (12) WH. Secret. Sent for action. Ford approved the recommendations. Attached but not published are Tab A, the Joint Statement on Principles of U.S.-Polish Relations, and Tab B, the Joint Statement on the Development of Economic, Industrial and Technological Cooperation. Ford and Gierek signed both Statements on October 9 in the Cabinet Room of the White House. For the texts of these Joint Statements and a transcript of Ford and Gierek’s remarks upon their signing, see Public Papers: Ford: 1974 (Washington, 1975), pp. 256-74.
  2. Kissinger recommended two Joint Statements on U.S-Polish economic and political relations to be signed by President Ford and First Secretary Gierek.