27. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to President Nixon, May 15, 1973.1 2


  • Henry A. Kissinger [HK initialed]


  • Reply to Message from President Ceausescu
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May 15, 1973


In late April, President Ceausescu sent a senior adviser, Counselor Vasile Pungan, to Washington to deliver to you a personal message outlining the Romanian President’s current thoughts on US-Romanian bilateral relations, CSCE and MBFR, the possible effects of US-USSR negotiations on Romania, and the desirability of his again visiting the United States sometime this year.

I met with Pungan on April 21 and again on April 27 to receive and discuss this message, which was presented orally (the text is at Tab B), to extend your regrets at not being able to meet personally with him, and to assure him that you would be writing to President Ceausescu within a week or two.

The letter for your signature to President Ceausescu at Tab A responds to the issues he has raised and notes that you are looking forward to the possibility of his visiting the United States. Ceausescu is eager to do so later this year. Your letter notes that you will continue to place high priority on improving economic relations with Romania. It assures Ceausescu that the US is working in earnest toward a constructive CSCE outcome, that we will welcome bilateral consultations on MBFR, and that in US-USSR negotiations you will never do anything consciously that is detrimental to Romania’s interests.

In response to his expression of satisfaction regarding the Vietnam accords, your letter states that if the peace is to be maintained the North Vietnamese must cease current violations, and expresses the hope that Ceausescu will do what he can to assist in preserving the peace so recently won.

Finally, with regard to his visit to the United States, your letter suggests that either November or October might be the best month, following your trip to Europe.

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That you sign the letter to Ceausescu at Tab A.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 761, Country Files—Europe—Rumania. Secret; Sensitive; Exclusively Eyes Only. Sent for action. Attached but not published at Tab B is the full text of Ceausescu’s note. Counselor Pungan’s reading of this note to Kissinger is published as Document 26. Kissinger postponed Polish First Secretary Gierek’s planned state visit in favor of Ceausescu’s visit in a handwritten note on an August 7 Action Memorandum from Clift to Kissinger, which read “No for Poland. Ceausescu must come first.” (Ibid., Box 699, Country Files—Europe—Poland) Attached but not published at Tab A is the signed May 16 letter from Nixon to Ceausescu.
  2. Kissinger suggested that Nixon respond to President Ceausescu’s note verbale with assurances of the “high priority” for future U.S. cooperation with Romania and an invitation for Ceausescu to visit the United States later in that year. Nixon approved the recommendations.