320. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger) to the President’s Assistant (Haldeman)1


  • Turner Shelton’s List of State Department Personnel

Pursuant to the President’s direction2 I asked Turner Shelton to prepare a list of individuals assigned to the Department of State whose loyalty to the President is questionable. Turner spent this weekend preparing the attached summary3 in which he lists those key State personnel whom he considers to be disloyal to this administration and also includes some comments on specific bureaus which need overhaul. These include State Department’s: Bureau of Public Affairs, Bureau of African Affairs, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs as well as Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Shelton is very high on Bill Macomber but highlights his judgment that Macomber lacks the necessary contacts with the White House. [Page 713] Shelton also lists those individuals who he thinks are particularly loyal to the President and enumerates a group of individuals outside the government who he believes should be considered for future foreign affairs assignments, consultation or advice.4 Finally, Shelton points out that his report was confined to Department of State personnel and has volunteered to do a similar summary for Frank Shakesphere if desired. Shelton has formerly served with that agency.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Agency Files, Box 282, Dept of State, Vol. VIII, 1 Jul 70–Aug 70. Sensitive; Eyes Only. Haig forwarded the memorandum to Kissinger for his signature under a covering memorandum in which Haig advised Kissinger “not to go on record for or against this report.” A note on the covering memorandum indicates Kissinger asked Haig to sign the memorandum for him, which Haig did.
  2. In a May 14 memorandum Haldeman informed Kissinger that the President wanted him to make sure “we get Shelton’s list of who our friends and opponents are in the Foreign Service.” (Ibid., White House Special Files, Subject Files, Confidential Files, FO 2)
  3. Attached but not printed is a 7-page memorandum, July 13, that, according to Haig’s covering memorandum to Kissinger (see footnote 1 above), was an “edited version of the Shelton report.” See the attachment to Document 317, which is Sheldon’s original letter.
  4. Under cover of a July 19 memorandum, Haig forwarded to Haldeman three lists “for use in discussions with Deputy Under Secretary Macomber”: 1) “people who should be removed from key positions”; 2) “people who are favorable to the Administration and should be considered for appointment to key positions”; 3) “people who are presently outside government but who would make excellent consultants or appointments.” The names on each list were the same as those on each of Shelton’s lists, but none of Shelton’s comments were included. (National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Kissinger Office Files, Box 148, State/WH Relationship, Vol. 3) Haig forwarded the same lists to Kissinger together with other material on personnel problems in the Department of State under cover of a November 25, 1970, memorandum in which he commented that Shelton’s list “includes a full range of bad guys and good guys, with which I am not in full agreement and is provided only for your background.” (Ibid.)