87. Paper Prepared in the Central Intelligence Agency1


The following has been received from our Leopoldville Station in response to our standing request for periodic progress reports on the Congo Political Action Program:2

A. The station is devoting the majority of its time talking with Congolese leaders and other persons of political influence trying to obtain a clear picture of political developments and to encourage support of the United States Government position. As a result of political jockeying, it is not possible to arrive at a definitive opinion regarding the probable outcome of the meeting of Parliament. The political scene is constantly changing and leaders have not yet adopted final positions.

B. Our station is working very closely with the Embassy in Leopoldville passing all political information received. Embassy coverage of developments is considered excellent and as a result our reporting will concentrate on operational developments.

C. At the present time, the parliamentary lineup appears to be fairly even between GOC and Gizenga groups. The release of Tshombe is considered a GOC effort to obtain the support of the CONAKAT Party. Adoula, Mobutu and Bomboko hope to create a Leopoldville/Elisabethville axis to obtain greater bargaining strength in an effort to reach an agreement with Stanleyville. However, GOC is not at all certain Tshombe will keep his word and send parliamentarians to Lovanium now that he has returned to Elisabethville. Adoula continues his previous efforts to pick up MNC/Lumumba and PSA votes. It is still not clear to what extent Adoula is prepared to go to get this support. However, the station and Embassy are urging the GOC to retain control of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Interior, the Premiership and Information. The GOC leaders are also being urged to get together behind Adoula and end bickering and throat cutting. [less than 1 line not declassified] Embassy officials and most Belgian advisors agree Adoula is probably the only GOC leader able to command sufficient strength to form a government.

D. Despite our calls for unity, personal ambition and failure to meet political facts of life continues to dominate developments. For example, [Page 118] Bolikango appears ready to support Gizenga at the last moment if he thinks such a move would help him achieve his goal of becoming Chief of State. Ileo refuses to step down; thereby Adoula still is unable to take the necessary negotiating steps preparatory to a parliamentary vote.

E. As GOC leaders have done little to convince fence sitters to support the GOC despite our continuing efforts to influence these leaders since the Coquilhatville Conference, our Chief of Station has been attempting to stimulate action by preparing a listing of probable voting positions as well as a listing of parliamentarians who should be developed. This listing has been passed to GOC leaders who are now stirred into action. To support their efforts a total of [number not declassified] francs has been passed to influence key deputies.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–00435R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, Folder 7, [cryptonym not declassified] Ops. Secret. There is no drafting information on the original.
  2. The paper is based on telegram 1554 from Leopoldville to CIA, June 27. (Ibid.)