86. Memorandum for the Record1


  • Covert Action in the Congo

The Congo paper was presented at the Special Group meeting 8 June2 and deferred because of the request for an over-all briefing on political action.

On 10 June, Mr. Bissell obtained approval from Mr. Bundy for part of the program, i.e. an expenditure of [number not declassified] for support of [less than 1 line not declassified]

There was no Special Group meeting on 15 June. On 20 June Mr. Tweedy discussed with State the urgency of getting on with the Parliament program, in view of the impending convening of Parliament (scheduled for 25 June). This was approved by Mr. Bowles. He discussed it with Mr. Bundy, who later reported full approval.


(Note: At the Special Group meeting on 22 June Mr. Bundy stated that the Congo paper had been personally approved by the President.)

  1. Source: National Security Council, Intelligence Files, Special Group, Minutes and Approvals, 1961. Secret; Eyes Only. Prepared by Parrott.
  2. See Documents 82 and 83.