141. Memorandum From the Comptroller of the Central Intelligence Agency (Bross) to the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (Carter)1


  • Support for the Congolese Air Force

1. The annexed project2 covers operation and maintenance of planes and air crews assigned to the Congolese Government. From the funding point of view, the project is all right as the Clandestine Services have funds for the project in both FY 1963 and FY 1964.

2. From the policy point of view, there appears to be ample support for the proposition that the Congolese Government requires this support from the U.S. Government. There appears to be some doubt, however, as to whether CIA must render this support or whether it could come from other sources (the U.S. Air Force or AID). The DD/P believes that practical considerations make it extremely unlikely that another Government Agency could successfully assume this responsibility. I am also informed that the DCI has expressed the opinion that this activity should continue under CIA control.

3. Approval is recommended.3

John A. Bross
  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 89–00639R, DO/AF Files, Box 1, Folder 18, Project Removals & Termination, Apr. 63–May 68, [folder name not declassified]. Secret.
  2. Attached but not printed.
  3. Executive Director Lyman Kirkpatrick signed the attached memorandum’s approval line for the Director of Central Intelligence on April 18.