142. Paper Prepared in the Central Intelligence Agency1


  • Covert Action in the Congo2

1. Problem

To determine the advisability of continuing certain covert actions in support of the Adoula Group in the Congo as authorized by Special Group on 17 November 1961.

2. Situation

Despite the frustrations and difficulties of operating in the Congo, our actions there over the last 18 months have helped materially to reduce the Katanga secession and to maintain in power a moderate, pro-Western government. If the Congo is to consolidate the gains already made and move into a nation-building phase, it is essential that these actions be carried forward, as outlined below.

3. Aims

If the program is approved, following activities will be continued:

A. Direct political support to the Adoula Group, including tactical guidance and help in formation of a national political party: [dollar amount not declassified]
B. Expansion of the successful public relations program which has already proved its worth in supporting the Adoula Group: [dollar amount not declassified]
C. Support to General Joseph Mobutu, Commander-in-Chief of the Congolese National Army, who has maintained control of the Army and assured its continued support to Adoula. [dollar amount not declassified]
Total Funds Requested [dollar amount not declassified]
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4. Coordination

The Chief of Mission and our Chief of Station, Leopoldville feel strongly that the above program must be continued if the Congo is to be prevented from slipping back into chaos with the attendant risk of a Bloc take-over.3 The Adoula Group strongly favors continuation of these activities and would view any interruption of them as a major and unfavorable change in U.S. policy.

5. Recommendation

It is recommended that Special Group approve the continuation of activities listed in paragraph 3, above. Total cost: [dollar amount not declassified] for FY 1964.

6. Funds will be available through reprogramming within the Clandestine Services.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 81–00966R, Box 1, Folder 11. Secret; Eyes Only. There is no drafting information on the original.
  2. This paper is a precis of an attached 6-page April 19 memorandum to the Special Group. A note attached to the memorandum states that the proposal was approved at the Special Group meeting on April 25, and that the Chairman’s only concern had been that there was no cut-off date on funding. McGeorge Bundy said he would mention it to higher authority.
  3. A handwritten notation in the original reads: “CIA Hqs & State Dept. concur.”