216. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the European Communities1

BUSEC 679. Ref: ECBUS 1395, repeated Geneva ECBUS 570.2 Wool Textiles. Letter Ernst possesses may be based upon meetings March 18 [Page 587] and 19 between Congressional leaders, domestic industry reps, and Secretary and Under Secretary which were reported in trade press.3 These press reports and apparently letter did not accurately report what Secretary and Under Secretary said. Memcons pouched attention Price.

Mission should reply to Ernst along following lines:

We suspect letter and rumors to which he has referred based upon meetings late March between USG officials and Congressional leaders and wool textile reps which widely reported trade press here. These meetings were follow-ups to Paris meeting of wool textile industry reps earlier in March. No commitment was made at Washington meetings as to any specific course of action other than to look closely again at wool textile problem.
We appreciate Ernst calling this matter to our attention and have noted his request for prior consultation.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, INCO–WOOL 4 GATT. Limited Official Use. Drafted by Hugh W. Wolff (E/OR/FTD) and Stanley Nehmer (E/OR); cleared by Julius L. Katz (E/OT), Deane R. Hinton (EUR/RPE), Robert Anderson (U), and David Rowe (S/S); and approved by Philip H. Trezise (E). Repeated to Geneva.
  2. ECBUS 1395 from Brussels, April 30, reported that Ernst of the EEC Commission had a letter from an unnamed U.S. textile firm that claimed that the U.S. Government intended to approach other governments concerning a wool textile agreement. The EEC would require time to consult with member states and individual firms in order to devise a common position for such a meeting. (Ibid.)
  3. See footnote 2, Document 206, and Document 207.