24. Telegram From the Consulate General at Istanbul to the Department of State 0

45. Verbatim text of message for President (Congentel 41) follows: Verbatim text. “The heads of state of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, in view of the vital importance for the Middle East and the free world of the situation which developed as a result of the events in Iraq and Lebanon, have reached the conclusion that it was necessary for the Baghdad Pact powers to hold a meeting with the participation of the United States immediately and at the highest level and have decided to make a friendly approach to their ally, the United States, so that such a meeting should take place.

“In the opinion of the three governments it is most important that this extraordinary meeting should be held as soon as practicable. The venue of the meeting could be any appropriate place.” End verbatim text.

In discussions Zorlu mentioned London as possible venue since preparation for BP meeting there already under way but particularly as being more convenient for Secretary Dulles. It was made very clear Dulles presence considered absolutely essential by Turkey, Pakistan and Iran.

Please reply urgently to CG repeating to Ankara.1

  1. Source: Eisenhower Library, Whitman File, International File. Secret; Priority; Presidential Treatment. Repeated to London, Paris, Tehran, Karachi, Ankara, and Baghdad. Eisenhower initialed this telegram.
  2. In telegram 118 to Tehran, July 20, also sent to Karachi and Ankara, and repeated to Baghdad and London, the Department instructed the respective Ambassadors to convey an oral message from Eisenhower to their Head of State expressing gratitude for their support of U.S. actions in Lebanon and British action in Jordan. In response to the request of the three Baghdad Pact members, the Ambassadors were to state that Secretary Dulles would attend the Pact meeting in London. In light of U.N. and other Middle East activities, however, it would be impossible for Dulles and the U.S. Delegation to meet in an emergency session any earlier than the regularly scheduled session of July 28. (Ibid.)