23. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Korea1

544. Tokyo also pass CINCUNC. Meeting 16 originally scheduled February 18 held February 24.2 Murphy reviewed developments since February 8 meeting and Radford reviewed reasons early action solve problems posed by Communist violations paragraph 13d Armistice Agreement important.

General agreement NNSC and 13d problems be kept separate with immediate attention given NNSC while build strong public case for action on 13d.

Re NNSC agreed U.S. reply Swiss and Swedish Aide-Mémoire of January 27 urging Swiss and Swedes attempt get Poles and Czechs agree substantial reduction NNSC to nominal group stationed DZ [Page 42] and indicating belief time limit be set and that Poles and Czechs not be permitted prolong discussion. Also agreed in event failure Swiss and Swedish effort we strongly urge Swiss and Swedes withdraw personnel entirely or reduce to nominal group stationed DZ. Group also felt desirable urge Swiss and Swedes issue statement making clear fact Communist obstruction had prevented effective functioning of Commission.

We intend hand reply Aide-Mémoire Swiss and Swedish representatives Washington Monday February 28.3 Aide-Mémoire for public release will be supplemented by oral note privately informing Swiss and Swedish representatives Washington we believe negotiations should not extend beyond three week period and that cannot agree lesser reduction.

Re 13d agreed that UNC through charges and publicity should build up record Communist violations 13d in order prepare public opinion appropriate action. Meanwhile U.S. will prepare documented brief for transmittal 15 Governments giving detailed military reasons why abrogation 13d increasingly urgent. Intended that parts of brief be made public to build case for action to equalize situation.

ROK present as observer.

Your 9574 arrived in time for use at meeting and was most helpful.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 795.00/2–2555. Secret. Drafted by Jones and Walter H. Drew of NA; cleared with FE, UNP, P, and in substance with the Department of Defense; and approved by McClurkin. Repeated to Bern, Stockholm, and Tokyo.
  2. A memorandum of the discussion at this meeting is ibid., 795.00/2–2455.
  3. See Document 26.
  4. See footnote 4, Supra.