26. Telegram From the Department of State to the Embassy in Korea1

554. Tokyo also pass CINCUNC. Murphy and Sebald today talked separately with Swedish Ambassador Boheman2 and Counselor Schnyder of Swiss Legation about NNSC.3 Handed them identical Aide-Mémoire4 in response theirs January 27.5 Aide-Mémoire says US appreciates difficulties encountered in NNSC task undertaken by Swiss and Swedes and is aware obstructionist activities by Communists have made it impossible NNSC perform its task. US therefore believes NNSC should be abolished. Despite Chinese Communist reply and current activities NNSC US believes consistent history Communist obstruction makes it doubtful any useful purpose served by continuing NNSC. Adds US would be interested any results their further consultations.

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Murphy said we did not plan make Aide-Mémoire public6 but Swiss and Swedes could do so if they chose. However also handed them confidential Note Verbale7 making our position more specific. Note referred various statements by Swiss and Swedes indicating Communist responsibility frustation activities NNSC. While doubting any useful purpose Commission can serve US would be prepared as maximum accept great reduction in NNSC if all remaining personnel stationed in demilitarized zone where can receive reports from two sides. US believes any negotiations undertaken by Swiss and Swedes should not be prolonged beyond three or four weeks. If these negotiations unsuccessful US hopes Swiss and Swedes will withdraw completely from NNSC or reduce personnel as indicated above.

Schnyder made no comment. Boheman indicated his personal view that Swedish position should be to suggest reduction of NNSC to perhaps 10 people from each side all stationed demilitarized zone and if this not acceptable Communists Swiss and Swedes would be compelled withdraw.

Copies Aide-Mémoire and Note Verbale being pouched.

Seoul communicate foregoing information ROK8 but urge substance Note Verbale be treated confidentially.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Files, 795.00/3–255. Confidential. Drafted by McClurkin and cleared with EUR. Also sent to Stockholm, Bern, and Tokyo.
  2. Erik Boheman.
  3. Memoranda of the conversations with Schnyder and Boheman are in Department of State, Central Files, 795.00/3–255.
  4. Copies of the aides-mémoire are attached to the memoranda of conversations cited in footnote 3 above.
  5. See footnote 3, Document 7.
  6. The Department did, however, make public the text of the aide-mémoire in Department of State Press Release 119, issued on March 3; for text, see Department of State Bulletin, March 14, 1955, p. 429.
  7. The texts of the notes verbales are attached to the memoranda of conversations cited in footnote 3 above.
  8. In telegram 993 from Seoul, March 4, Counselor of Embassy Carl W. Strom reported that he had conveyed the substance of the Department’s aide-mémoire and note verbale in a memorandum to Foreign Minister Pyun. Pyun expressed dissatisfaction with what he viewed as a further delay in dealing with the NNSC problem, and he stated that his government would not be satisfied with anything but the abolition of the NNSC. (Department of State, Central Files, 795.00/3–455)