Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 306

Memorandum by the Special Adviser to the United States Delegation (Bonsal) to the Deputy United States Representative and Coordinator of the Delegation (Johnson)1



  • Soviet amendments to French draft of unilateral declaration to be made by the Lao delegation.

The Soviet amendments to the French draft on a Lao declaration (see attached Secto 6792) are the following:

In the third paragraph, the phrase “which has been in effect since 1947” (referring to the constitution) is eliminated.
In the fourth paragraph, the phrase “in conformity with the dispositions of the constitution and of the existing electoral law” (referring to elections) is eliminated.
In the last paragraph, the phrase “who fought in the ranks of the People’s Army of Vietnam” is changed to read “who fought against the Royal Government during the hostilities.”

Comment: The first two changes seem to forecast a possible attempt to change the provisions of the constitution and the electoral law which refer to civil rights and elections. By eliminating specific reference to the constitution which has been in effect since 1947, one could even imagine the intention of the Pathet Lao to demand a new or completely revised constitution. Elimination of reference to the electoral law would leave the actual date of the elections open.

The change in the last paragraph seems only to be a reluctance to admit the presence of the Viet Minh army in Laos.

  1. Drafted by Getz of the delegation.
  2. Supra.