396.1 GE/7–1954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 674. Limit distribution. Re Secto 660.1 Eden and I have discussed program of action to be taken in event of acceptable settlement. We have agreed to submit the following formula to London and Washington for approval. I feel this text reflects gratifying progress in UK thinking. “Action in re to Southeast Asia pact in the event of acceptable agreement on Indochina at Geneva on or about July 20.

Every effort should be made to persuade countries of Southeast Asia and Southwest Pacific to associate themselves in some way with the Geneva agreement, in accordance with the suggestion made to them on July 19.2
Whether or not such declarations of association are made by all the countries concerned, invitations should be addressed not later than August 7 to the Governments of France, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Ceylon, Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines and Siam, to appoint representatives to meet with representatives of the Governments of the US and UK in (blank) not later than September 1 in order to prepare recommendations on the conclusion of a collective defense agreement for Southeast Asia and the Southwest Pacific.
The invitations to the five commonwealth countries, Burma, and Indonesia would be sent by the UK Government, to the Philippines and Siam by the US Government, and to France jointly by the two governments.”
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