396.1 GE/7–1954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 663. Repeated information Paris 100, Saigon 69. Laotian Foreign Minister called on Johnson this morning to describe interview with Chou En-lai yesterday at which Chou En-lai presented unofficial and extravagant demands. These include:

Regrouping of Laotian resistants in provinces of Phong Saly and Sam Neua and in portions of provinces of Luang Prabang and Xien Khouang as far south as Ban Ban;
The administration of these provinces to be placed under the supervision of joint committees composed of representatives of Royal Government and of the resistance movement with a supervisory joint committee at Vientiane; this situation would prevail until general elections scheduled for August 1955 at which time government of “national unity” would presumably emerge;
Complete elimination of French Union bases in Laos even though provided in Franco-Laotian treaty.

Most recent Viet Minh proposals (latest day before yesterday) have been based on concept of large regrouping zones administered by Pathet Lao resistants whose nominations would be rubber-stamped by Royal Government.

Laotian Foreign Minister has told us that both Chinese and Viet Minh proposals are wholly unacceptable and that his government will not adhere to any agreement on cessation of hostilities which Franco-Laotian Command may sign with Viet Minh accepting such conditions. Foreign Minister holds that Laotian proposals which include regrouping zones within which resistance elements are to have freedom of movement together with facilities for resistants to recover civic rights and to re-enter administration are ample and Royal Government can go no further. Foreign Minister asked us what help US could give his government if it refused to accept cessation of hostilities agreement.

USDel is urging and facilitating contacts between Laotian and UK delegations on this subject and is also arranging to discuss it with French delegation without delay.