396.1 GE/7–1754: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 635. Repeated information Paris 82, Saigon 53, Phnom Penh 4. Nong Kimny tells us Cambodian Foreign Minister this morning called on Chou En-lai, returning latter’s call described Secto 616.1 He found Chou less conciliatory than on occasion previous conversation. Chou urged that Cambodian government take steps to incorporate resistance elements into Cambodian army, police or civil service. He also spoke with great seriousness and emphasis regarding proposed Southeast Asian pact. He said that if Cambodia were to join such a pact or to permit foreign bases on her territory or to accept American military instructors, the consequences would be very serious and would aggravate the situation with unfortuante consequences for Cambodian independence and territorial integrity. He said that it would be all right for the Cambodians to have French or even British instructors. He made clear that his remarks regarding the Southeast Asian pact, foreign bases and American instructors apply to all three states of Indochina.

According to Nong Kimny, Cambodian Foreign Minister reiterated Cambodian position that Cambodia must retain her freedom of action to insure her own defense.

  1. Dated July 15, p. 1378.