396.1 GE/4–3054: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


20. Repeated information Department Secto 48. For Briggs and Dean. As you will have noted from meeting of 16 yesterday (Secto 40, repeated Seoul 171) there is strong feeling basic terms our side [Page 173] for Korean unification should shortly be presented. In spite its fake aspects, North Korean proposal leading off with call for all-Korean elections, has captured headlines. Other delegations, also giving only very grudging support or keeping silent on proposal for elections only North Korea (Plan A2). Working group of 9 met today3 and engaged in only general discussion, concentrating largely on finally successful dissuasion of Philippines from putting forth plan in speech today providing for “neutral international supervision” of elections for a“constitutional convention”. Philippines has now withdrawn name and plan to speak Monday along more acceptable lines. However, without making commitment at this time on exact timing and method of presentation, believe we should immediately make effort to obtain Rhee’s agreement to “Plan B”,4 which will probably be tabled in meeting of 9 tomorrow and shortly thereafter transmitted to Rhee by Pyun.

If you have any question on desirability this timing or suggestions re handling from this end, would appreciate receiving soonest.

  1. Dated Apr. 29, p. 155.
  2. See GK D–4/7, Apr. 9, p. 82.
  3. A report on this meeting is contained in telegram Secto 59, Apr. 30, from Geneva, not printed (396.1 GE/4–3054).
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