396.1 GE/7–1654: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 622. Repeated information Paris 70, Saigon 42. Following is unofficial translation of draft given us by French which is latest refinement of text of clauses to be included in cessation hostilities agreement to cover certain political and administrative requirements:

  • “Article 1. Each regrouping zone is placed under the administration of the side which is carrying out the regroupment of its forces within it.
  • “Article 2. The administration of the zones which cease to come under one authority in order to pass to the authority of another is transferred on the day the regroupment is finished. The passing of responsibilities is carried out in conformity with the provision of article (blank) (military on the passing of command).
  • “Article 3. Vietnamese Nationals as well as French and foreigners residing in any part of the territory of Vietnam will be able, during a period of six months following the going into effect of this agreement, to transfer freely their domicile to any other part of the territory. The competent authorities of the two sides will take all necessary measures in order to facilitate the transfer of persons and property.
  • “Article 4. No one will be the object of measures of reprisal because of his previous political activities in favor of one of the sides.
  • “Article 5. The security of French and foreign Nationals as well as the safety of their property will be assured throughout the territory of Vietnam by the responsible authorities who must take all necessary measures to this effect. No legislative, administrative or judicial measure may be taken against these persons and their property in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner.”