396.1 GE/7–1354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 600. Repeated information Paris 50. Attention Ambassador Johnson. Offroy and Cheysson, French delegate, this evening gave me French working paper re international control in Laos and Cambodia to supplement paper recently furnished us on Vietnam (Secto 5751) unofficial translation and comments will be furnished shortly.

Offroy also supplied us with outline of agreements for cessation of hostilities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. These agreements are to be between military commands of Viet Minh on one hand in all three countries, and on other hand Franco-Vietnamese command, Cambodian command and Franco-Laotian command respectively. (There is apparently hope that this will make things easier for Vietnamese Government). The outline of the agreement for the cessation of hostilities in Vietnam may be translated as follows:

First; the cease-fire:

Disengagement of Franco-Vietnamese and Viet Minh units and minor regroupings to follow the cease-fire.

This is to be signed as soon as completed, to be published at once, and to be placed in effect (under the control of the joint commission.)

Second; supplementary provisions:


Military provisions.

Definition of regrouping zones and of demilitarized sectors.

Regrouping of the armed forces of the two sides in accordance with a precise plan of transfers.

Nonreinforcing of the potential of the opposing forces liberation of prisoners and civilian internees.

Air and sea communications. (Circulation)


Political and administrative provisions.

Administration of the regrouping zones

Conditions (modalities) of the transfer of zones

[Page 1358]

Guarantee for individuals and communities against political reprisal

Right of option for civilian populations

Movement of populations which wish to take refuge with the adverse side Protection of property and persons

Provisions re the control of the agreements. (See working paper of July 7.)”

Working paper of July 7 is that contained in Secto 575.

It will be noted that this outline apparently provides for cease-fire prior to availability on spot of international control mechanism. With regard to administration of territories to be transferred, Cheysson tells me French have accepted Viet Minh proposal of May 25 to effect that “a territory depending from one party, which is transferred to the other party following the plan of delimitation of zones, shall continue to be administered by the first party until the day when all of its troops which are to be transferred shall have left the territory in order to free the zone for the other party.”

Outline for Cambodia and Laos is similar except that provisions are made for the evacuation of foreign troops rather than regrouping and for the movement of populations which desire to seek refuge in Vietnam. In the case of Laos, French Union forces are to withdraw to specified installations. In addition it is contemplated that the Laotian and Cambodian Governments will make declarations re the importation of war material needed for self-defense purposes and re French instructors and technicians.

It is my understanding that neither of these outlines have as yet been distributed to other delegations, although I am not certain on this point.

USDel will make comments as soon as possible following further discussion with French Del. Meanwhile would welcome urgent comments from recipients this message.

  1. Dated July 8, p. 1305.