396.1 GE/7–1254: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 591. Repeated information Paris 40, Saigon 25. Saigon pass Phnom Penh 1. Department pass Defense. Following points were made by member Cambodian military mission and delegate Son Sann in separate conversations with members USDel today:

Scheduled third meeting today of Cambodia-Viet Minh military cancelled by Viet Minh. Latter have not only declined to name alternative date, but in previous two meetings have refused to discuss seriously question of withdrawal Viet Minh troops. As result unproductive second meeting July 10, Cambodian delegation convinced Viet Minh avoiding agreement for moment and that some unspecified political contact may be necessary before progress can be made. In response to direct Cambodian demand for withdrawal invading forces. Viet Minh insist linking this question with demand that French cadres and [Page 1341] experts with Cambodian Army be removed. Cambodians have replied that sovereign state has right to ask for and select origin of necessary advisers. Viet Minh continually seeking inject political questions which General Tioulong refuses to discuss.
Son Sann, who is leaving Geneva for Phnom Penh on July fourteenth, confirmed status military talks, and stated Cambodia had made all possible concessions to Viet Minh; it is now latter’s move.
Son Sann raised question letter from Tep Phan (Secto 5131) asking US commitment for future assistance. Acknowledging preliminary oral reply to [of] Ambassador Heath (Secto 5312), and expressing appreciation that this a delicate subject, he stated Cambodian delegation would like written response. Department’s views this matter requested.
Son Sann states Nong Kimny rejoining delegation thirteenth or fourteenth.

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