795.00/4–2954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Dulte 27. Repeated information Brussels 7, Seoul unnumbered. For Acting Secretary from Secretary. Brussels for the Ambassador, Seoul info Ambassador and Dean. Spaak expressed to MacArthur this morning definite reservations regarding Republic of Korea proposal for elections in North Korea. He said North Koreans had countered with proposal to hold elections in all Korea. While North Korea conditions for such elections were quite unacceptable, Western European opinion would not believe Republic of Korea proposals for elections only in North Korea reasonable and he would not be able rally support for Republic of Korea proposal in Belgian Parliament. His information was that other Allied governments share this view. He felt that unity of non-Communists idea at Geneva was most essential objective of Geneva Conference from Western viewpoint, and expressed strong hope that Republic of Korea could be induced to counter with a proposal for all-Korean elections under effective supervision of United Nations. This would expose Soviet hand and make clear that failure to reach agreement on Korea was fault of Soviets. It would also preserve [Page 162] full Allied unity and prevent Soviets from winning propaganda victory at Geneva.

I, therefore, asked Spaak to lunch with me. I explained to him in detail our problem with Rhee and the United Nations background and basis for the position put forward by Republic of Korea. I told Spaak I believe there is chance of getting Rhee to modify his position along lines of all-Korean elections under effective United Nations supervision, but that this was extremely delicate problem and would require time and most careful handling, in view of Rhee’s oriental mentality and feeling that European countries were willing to sell him down river for advantages they might gain for themselves in Europe. I also explained we had sent Dean, in whom I had great confidence, to Korea to assist in handling Rhee.