396.1 GE/7–854: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 576. Repeated information Paris 24, Saigon 16. Latournelle of French delegation today told Bonsal that he is informed that some weeks ago, Burmese Prime Minister1 sent note to Nehru expressing grave concern at Chinese Communist activities on Burmese border and at Chinese Communist-supported Viet Minh invasions of Laos and Cambodia. Nehru passed this communication on to Chou En-lai at Geneva presumably through Menon with indication that Nehru shared Burmese concern.

According to Latournelle, Chou En-lai’s anxiety to allay this concern for present through personal discussions New Delhi and Rangoon was a major reason his visit these capitals.

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Latournelle believes on basis of above Communists will eventually accept for present firm positions of Laotian and Cambodian governments regarding withdrawal Viet Minh invaders and absence of “regrouping zones” for alleged Laotian and Cambodian resistance forces.

  1. U Nu.