396.1 GE/7–354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 556. Repeated information Paris 9, London 6, Saigon 7. Tosec 511.1 Thinking here appears to be generally that, if military representatives come up with substantive reports within 21-day period, Ministers will meet soon thereafter. Report that Molotov will return about July 8 fairly wide-spread. Chauvel today read Bonsal passage from letter he had received from Mendes-France to effect latter anticipated meeting in Geneva at ministerial level about July 12 or later with final showdown about July 19 (expiration of period Mendes-France has given himself to secure solution).

Chauvel himself believes that Ministers will have to take final decisions re demarcation line and re outstanding points of difference re control. He thus apparently envisages meeting of Ministers here before reaching of final decisions on agreement and notably before disposition of some of points contained in US-UK aide-mémoire.

Press has asked us whether Secretary or Under Secretary planning return.2

  1. Dated July 2, p. 1275.
  2. On this question, see telegram 101 to London, July 7, p. 1294.