396.1 GE/6–2954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 540. Repeated information Paris 516, London 331, Saigon 223. Tosec 4891 and 490.2 USDel notes that numbered paragraph 3 in US-UK communication states that agreement must not impose on “retained Vietnam” restrictions on importation of arms.3 It has been generally understood at conference that one of functions of International Control Commission would be prevention of importation of reinforcing troops and arms after cessation of hostilities and during period of international control. Only contemplated exception has been in case of Cambodia and Laos where modest importations for self-defense purposes have been envisaged. French delegation has made point at different times of need to supervise closely frontier between Vietnam and China in order to prevent strengthening Viet Minh forces. So far as “retained Vietnam” is concerned, it seems doubtful that French will be able to obtain any provisions for unrestricted arms importation which would not be equally applicable in case of Viet Minh area. Would appreciate clarification.

  1. Telegram Tosec 489 to Geneva sent as telegram 4852 to Paris, June 28, supra .
  2. Telegram Tosec 490 to Geneva sent as telegram 4853 to Paris, June 28, p. 1256.
  3. The Department of State in telegram Tosec 500, June 30, referring to telegram Secto 540, informed the U.S. Delegation that “Numbered paragraph three of US-UK communication is intended refer to maintenance of defenses adequate to preserve internal security in Associated States. We have in mind difficulty you mention re Vietminh area.” (396.1 GE/6–2954)