396.1 GE/6–2654: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 530. Repeated information Paris 508, London 328, Hong Kong 30, Moscow 148. Course past few days several knowledgeable American correspondents talked with Savage (press officer) re increasingly independent role taken by Chou En-lai during conference. Correspondents, include such well-versed observers Communist affairs as Ed Stevens (Christian Science Monitor), Ed Korry (UP), and Joe Fromm (US News & World Report).

They cite evidence of Chinese Communist efforts strike independent role as follows: Chou made first conciliatory gestures toward Laos and Cambodia, not Molotov; Chou acted as host recent Geneva dinner attended by Laos, Cambodia and Viet Minh representatives; during later stages conference, Chinese Communists appear taken over active leadership Viet Minh cause although several Viet Minh leaders spent considerable time Moscow on way Geneva; no Soviet representation seen at June 23 Mendes-France-Chou Bern parley; finally current all-Asian discussion between Chou and Nehru.

Consensus these correspondents Chou been making obvious efforts forge own foreign policy in Far East and establish at Geneva strong international position for Communist China. They believe these efforts viewed with significant discomfiture by Soviets.

I do not entirely share these views but pass them on as of possible interest.