396.1 GE/4–2654: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea ( Briggs ) to the United States Delegation


10. Sent niact Department 1064, repeated information niact Tokyo 632. Tokyo pass CINCUNC, For the Secretary and Robertson from Dean. Reference Geneva 5, repeated Department Secto 4, Tokyo 4.1 Ambassadors Briggs and Dean saw President Rhee and acting Foreign Minister Cho and had satisfactory preliminary talks this morning. Your telegram 5 came during talk. Emphasized importance stressing unification first and making withdrawal Chinese Communist forces from north as condition thereto. President evidently believes if there are elections north and south, both Soviets and Chinese Communists will want to supervise. He suggested several times as alternative Pyun making very general statement but we stressed importance substance your telegram. Finally without committing himself as to content, agreed draft instructions Dr. Pyun which he will show us later today.2

  1. Dated Apr. 25, p. 140.
  2. See telegram 13, Apr. 26, from Seoul, p. 145.