396.1 GE/6–1754: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 463. Repeated information London 297, Saigon 175, priority Paris 451. Limit distribution. Chou En-lai asked to see Eden yesterday making reference to Caccia’s call on Chinese in which Caccia had reiterated firmness of position on Laos and Cambodia (unnumbered paragraph 7, Secto 4481).

Eden said that Chou was obviously shaken over conclusion Korean conference, particularly rejection his final resolution, which he interpreted as slamming door any possibility Chinese participation any further Korean discussions. Said that “he could not stand” another rebuff of his efforts at conciliation and was concerned over Indochina [Page 1171] situation. Eden said that with respect Korean situation he had replied Chou had thrown curved ball at conference, particularly at US, by his resolution, and that the US obviously could not agree to perpetuating Geneva Conference set up. It did not mean that China would necessarily be excluded from any further consideration Korean problem.

Chou indicated he understood UK position respect Laos and Cambodia and its relation to the British position in Malaya. Said Chinese did not desire anything in Laos and Cambodia and were willing recognize “Kingdoms of Cambodia and Laos”. Major Chinese worry is that US is attempting establish bases in Laos and Cambodia. China willing see Laos and Cambodia maintain relationship with France. Eden said Chou’s major worry seemed to be US intentions that area and conviction we were attempting establish bases for assault on China. Chou said that he was willing see Laos and Cambodia independent states “in same manner as India and Burma”.

Eden urged Chou to say to French directly whatever he had to say on Indochina, as French had major responsibility there.

  1. Dated June 15, p. 1153.