110.11 DU/6–1754: Telegram

SmithBidault Meeting, Geneva, June 16, Evening: The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Dulte 192. Eyes only Secretary from Under Secretary. At dinner last night Bidault, much the worse for wear, showed me a strong and unpleasant telegram he had sent to Bonnet for delivery to you and referred to in your Tedul 208.1 I said that as I was his guest I would refrain from discussing unpleasant things till I saw him today. My guess is that Bonnet did not deliver this in original form, but in any event you should know and make allowances for fact that much of the basis of Bidault’s pique is his disappointment in not being included in invitation to Churchill and Eden. He said one French paper had proclaimed this as “the end of France as a great power.” Bidault is very tense and fatigued. He ate nothing at dinner and was in bad shape at the end. I am seeing him at noon today and will convey substance of Tedul 208. Congratulate you on your restraint. A lot of it is going to be needed during next few weeks.