396.1 GE/6–1754: Telegram

Fourteenth Restricted Session on Indochina, Geneva, June 16, 3 p.m.: The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 458. Repeated information Paris 445, London 293, Tokyo 142, Saigon 171, Phnom Penh, Vientiane unnumbered, Moscow 129. Department [Page 1163] pass Defense; Tokyo pass CINCFE. The following is text of proposal submitted by Chou En-lai at restricted meeting on Indochina, Wednesday, June 16:

“The countries participating in the Geneva conference are agreed on the following:

  • “1. The cessation of hostilities will be declared simultaneously in Laos and Cambodia at the same time as in Vietnam.
  • “2. Representatives of the commands of the two belligerent parties will begin direct negotiations at Geneva and on the spot on the subject of the cessation of hostilities in Laos and Cambodia.
  • “3. After the cessation of hostilities there will not be introduced from abroad into Laos and Cambodia new troops and military personnel, army, navy and air, as well as all kinds of arms and munitions. The question of the quantity and the category of arms necessary for self defense which may be brought in will be the object of separate negotiations.
  • “4. The competence of the International Control Commission will extend over Laos and Cambodia, taking into account the special situations of these two countries.
  • “5. After agreement between the commands, prisoners of war and civil internees will be liberated or exchanged.
  • “6. Persons having collaborated with the opposing party during the war must not be the object of prosecution.”