396.1 GE/6–1454: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation1

top secret

Tedul 198. It seems clear that apart from official French-Viet Minh military talks, there are parallel conversations going on both between individuals from each side (Dulte 1732), and other probably important talks mentioned Dulte 1793 which, in spite fact they are called “underground military talks”, may have considerable substantive political significance.

We would not wish be in position where this subterranean negotiation between French and Viet Minh might have result our being suddenly faced with terms proposed settlement which we would not feel able accept and from which we might have to dissociate ourselves.

We therefore attach great importance to ascertaining scope and character current Franco-Viet Minh talks other than official military discussions, and we would like leave it to you find out by whatever means you consider appropriate as much as possible about them. We would of course hope to be kept informed by French on continuing basis.

  1. Drafted by Tyler of EUR/WE. Repeated to Paris as telegram 4580 and to Saigon as telegram 2601.
  2. Dated June 12, p. 1126.
  3. Dated June 14, p. 1132.