396.1 GE/6–454: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation 1


Tosec 368. Secretary believes it is of overriding importance to push on with action on Thailand appeal, and to avoid getting bogged down in argumentation about geographical scope of sub-commission activities. Nevertheless, it seems clear UK and French will not agree to move along in SC until we have reached understanding on this question. Secto 3662 and Secto 3713 indicate language included Tosec 2294 and in Thai speech to SC June 3 should meet Eden’s desire that resolution not specifically extend scope of POC beyond Thailand, while allowing actual observation to be extended later without further SC or GA action. However, French delegation in NY has firmly contended sub-commission must be restricted to Thailand alone while British were most concerned that there be no immediate request by Laos and Cambodia for observation.

Since we now desire quick action, suggest you meet with Eden, Prince Wan and Bidault to work out agreement which will permit delegations in NY to press matter in SC. Hope we could get their agreement next meeting of SC should be held preferably Friday and certainly not later than Monday or Tuesday, June 14 or 15. Possibly they would agree on text contained Tosec 229. If not, we would be interested to know what constructive suggestion they have. Soon as agreement on resolution reached we would want to have it introduced in SC, although we would hope next meeting could be scheduled even if text of resolution not yet firm. In this event next meeting would be limited to speech-making.

Foregoing discussed with Thai Ambassador here today. He most eager avoid delay in SC and feels strongly we should not give up our bargaining position by yielding on scope of UN observation at least at this time. He is notifying Prince Wan you may discuss matter with him.

  1. Drafted by Popper of UNA/UNP. Repeated to USUN as telegram 626, to London as telegram 6632, to Paris as telegram 4454, and to Bangkok as telegram 2438.
  2. Dated June 3, not printed, but see footnote 2 to telegram Secto 371, p. 1030.
  3. Dated June 4, p. 1030.
  4. Dated May 21, p. 876.