396.1 GE/6–554: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 390. Repeated information Paris 390, Saigon 147, London 249, New Delhi 23. Following account Menon’s visits to heads delegations Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos based on reports latter.

Very shortly after he had expressed surprise to press that Menon visited Viet Minh delegation and not delegations of legal governments of Associated States, Cambodian delegate was approached by Menon and interview took place June 2. Menon showed complete ignorance political conditions and status Cambodian independence. He was interested in establishment international control of introduction further troops and munitions into all three countries of Indochina following cessation of hostilities. Cambodian delegate said this unacceptable in special case of Cambodia. As for guarantee of an Indochina agreement that may be concluded, Cambodian delegate states Menon appears to favor four great powers as court of last appeal to resolve difficulties. He states that if they unable reach agreement reactions to be taken in case of serious violations of agreement, alternative will be world war. Cambodian delegate indicated Menon favorable to Indian participation in control of armistice.

Laotian delegate reported Menon contemplating possibility Viet Minh troops might be permitted remain in frontier area of Laos. Laotian delegate stated this unacceptable.

Vietnamese delegate indicated Menon completely ignorant elementary facts re Vietnam and added view Menon position favors Communists. Vietnam delegate says Indians must prove they are neutral and not merely neutralists.

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On the whole, Associated States enthusiasm for India and for Menon extremely moderate. They were startled and alarmed at his ignorance of facts of life with which they are confronted.