396.1 GE/6–454: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation1

official use only

Tosec 352. Department has received no reports tending confirm any information set forth in UP press story datelined London June 2 and desires any comments which would help evaluate authenticity significance.2 Information in press item which is attributed to informed and authoritative sources is summarized below:

Molotov quick visit Moscow from Geneva was result conversation Menon with Molotov in which former conveyed India’s stand that support of Viet Minh position on Laos and Cambodia would jeopardize friendship USSR among independent nations Southeast Asia. USSR may modify its support of Viet Minh refusal withdraw from Laos, Cambodia. This could produce rift between USSR and Communist China. UK and India closely cooperating on this issue which Eden discussed with Chou at dinner June 1. Prime Minister Burma said to have influenced Nehru inform USSR dangers overly ambitious USSR policy in Southeast Asia. SEA governments reported satisfied sincerity Eden’s efforts reach settlement Geneva and his awareness importance of sympathies people Laos, Cambodia with Buddhist peoples Burma and Ceylon. Molotov reportedly cooperative but Chou firmly insisting not possible treat Cambodia, Laos separately from Vietnam.

  1. Drafted by Day of FE/PSA. Repeated to New Delhi as telegram 1402, to London as telegram 6574, and to Moscow as telegram 769.
  2. The delegation reply is in telegram Dulte 154, June 5, infra.