396.1 GE/6–354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 367. Repeated information Paris 377, Saigon 140, London 238, Tokyo 16, Moscow 104. Department pass Defense; Tokyo pass CINCFE; Saigon pass Phnom Penh and Vientiane. Cambodian Foreign Minister tells us he plans introduce in an early session following proposal. Unofficial translation follows:

“Cambodian proposal for the settlement of the Cambodian problem:

  • “1. A cessation of hostilities will be proclaimed in Cambodia, if possible simultaneously with a cessation of hostilities in Laos and [Page 1015] Vietnam. In the event of an agreement on a simultaneous cessation of hostilities, the three plans relative to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam will be placed in force simultaneously.
  • “2–a. All the regular and irregular Viet Minh forces will be as of the date of the cessation of hostilities, evacuated outside the territory of Cambodia and regrouped in Vietnamese territory within the regrouping zones assigned to the Viet Minh Command in accordance with the agreement between the French, Vietnamese and Viet Minh Command.

    “For this purpose, the Cambodian and Viet Minh Commands will meet on the spot in order to fix the details of the evacuation.

  • “2–b. All of the armed elements which do not depend [?] either from the army or from police forces will be, as of the date of cessation of hostilities, disarmed and disbanded. Foreign elements, non-nationals, will go back to their countries of origin.
  • “3. After agreement between the Cambodian and Viet Minh Commands, there will be carried out a release or an exchange of prisoners of war and civilian internees.
  • “4. A system of control by the UN or a system of international control functioning under the auspices of the UN will be established to watch over the execution of the above-mentioned agreements. This system of international control must be organized and ready to function as of the date of the cessation of hostilities.”