741.13/5–3054: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Secretary of State

top secret

Unnumbered. Eyes only Secretary. Absolutely no distribution. Following personal message from the Under Secretary is to be delivered to Secretary Dulles and to no one else.

[Page 978]

Dear Foster: The conclusion of our closed session today was so revealing that I must give you my personal impressions to supplement Secto 349.1 Although, during the recess, I told Eden that when Molotov suggested, as a communiqué, the plain text of the United Kingdom proposal, I would be obliged to say that the United States must also make plain its reservations on matters of unagreed principle; and although at that time he indicated complete agreement, his subsequent performance and that of Lord Reading, was absolutely shocking to me.

I stated the United States position in the most restrained terms. Eden and Reading, although informed in advance as I have said, staged a demonstration of petulance and annoyance, the like of which I have never seen before at an international conference. Their attempt to distort and deceive was so obvious that even Molotov could not swallow it, and his final proposal was, by comparison, reasonable and moderate.

I have done everything I possibly can here to retain an Anglo-American equilibrium. I smiled pleasantly today when Eden told me that my statement at yesterday’s plenary session, which the London Times reported as “a clear and restrained defense of the United Nations and the principle of collective security,” was “frightful.” I shall continue to do so.… I felt, in view of the impending visit, that I should give you this personal estimate. You may not agree with it, but here it is, for what it is worth. Signed Beetle.

  1. Dated May 29, p. 970.