751G.00/5–2654: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Dulte 120. Repeated information Paris 337, Saigon 117. Eyes only Ambassadors. Re Dulte 109, repeated Paris 325, Saigon 107.1 My Dulte 109 should have said “I would like to reinforce last four numbered paragraphs of Dillon’s message2 on independence Associated States”.

[Page 936]

Am convinced that we should not continue to press at this time for statement granting Associated [States] right of withdrawal from French Union, as this would not produce sufficiently favorable effects in Vietnam to counterbalance undoubtedly adverse effects including diminished support French Assembly and public opinion for immediately required military measures in Indochina.

Urgent thing now is to get the two basic treaty documents signed.

  1. In telegram Dulte 109, May 25, Under Secretary Smith reported that he “would like to reinforce the last paragraph of Dillon’s message on independence Associated States. I believe that it is of the utmost importance to have prompt signature of the two basic treaties. Aside from the fact that we are in a false position here until these are signed, it is probable that when they are signed Bao Dai will return promptly and, to the extent his energy and ability permit, will try to assume national leadership.” (751G.00/5–2554)
  2. For telegram 4514 from Paris, May 24, see volume xiii.