396.1 GE/5–2654: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 309. Repeated information Paris 336, Saigon 115. In immediately forthcoming Indochina sessions we will undoubtedly be discussing question of international supervision. I need guidance urgently on following points:1

Do we stick to the position we have so far taken that international controls should be under UN auspices? If so, what and how direct should relations to UN be?
If we accept control not under UN auspices for Vietnam should we insist on UN supervision of Laos and Cambodia?
If we stick to UN controls what will be our maximum and our minimum positions with regard to the composition of a control commission?
If we agree to supervision not by the UN what would be our maximum and our minimum positions with regard to the composition of the control body?
What should be our suggestions as to the authority to which a non-UN commission should report?
What should be our suggestions on financing such commission? Our estimate here is that the French will not propose, but might go along with a proposal for control machinery under the UN. The Laotians will go along with the French. The Cambodians will be adamant for UN control. The Vietnamese will want UN machinery but may possibly agree to other international supervision. The English will probably push for non-UN controls. The Communists will, of course, oppose UN control.

  1. Department of State reply contained in telegram Tosec 288, May 28, p. 908.