396.1 GE/5–2454: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 291. Repeated information Paris 321, London 204, New Delhi 16. Allen (UK delegate) said in talk he had with Menon last night Menon appeared to have been very taken aback by vehemence of Chou En-lai’s attack on UN during his conversation with Menon that afternoon. From Menon’s account, appears Chou had largely repeated same attack on UN as in his speeches in Korean plenary sessions. Chou also stressed Chinese Communist views on linking political agreements with cease-fire which Menon said contrary Indian views.

Allen said Menon as “fiery” as ever and was vaguely talking about “standstill agreement with modifications” in Indochina, but seemed clear on desirability UN role in supervising any Indochina settlement. He said thought India would accept active role “if invited by both sides” and mentioned team composed of India and Norway.