396.1 GE/5–2454: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation1


Tosec 252. For Suydam. Public opinion polling results based on interviews May nineteen through twenty-two.

Sixty-nine percent say if other countries join us, US should “take part in Indochina fighting to keep Communists from taking over all of Indochina”. Twenty-three percent say No, remainder no opinion. Those approving were asked should US take part in fighting even if other countries not willing. Yes twenty-one percent, No forty-four percent, No opinion four percent, total sixty-nine percent.

NATO approved by eighty-five percent, and fifty-nine percent approve “US signing agreement for defense Southeast Asia, along with such countries as Philippines, Siam, Australia”.

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Indochina truce as soon as possible desired by forty-six percent, while forty percent want fighting there kept up until Communists defeated.

Our government’s handling Indochina problem approved by fifty-four percent, disapproved by sixteen percent, no opinion thirty-three percent. Dulles’ handling Geneva conference approved by forty-two percent, disapproved seventeen percent, no opinion forty-one percent. On general way Dulles carrying out job, fifty-seven percent approve, ten percent disapprove, thirty-three percent no opinion compared approval fifty-six in March, sixty-one late April.

  1. Drafted by Foster of P/PS.