790.5/5–2254: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation 1

top secret

Tedul 107. Eyes only for Under Secretary from Secretary. Re Dulte 97.2 You may advise Eden acceptance his proposal Dulte 843 on following understandings which we believe acceptable and understood by other participants:

Any decision to move from Washington would involve unanimous concurrence rather than majority vote;
We will ourselves prefer to call the group “military representatives of the participating powers” but since it is understood that no official announcement will be made this matter is presumably academic.
We understand that the terms of reference should be interpreted so that the second phrase dealing with examination of “all possible courses of action in the light of the current situation” etc. is without limitation, and in particular is not restricted by the prior sentence dealing with “an effective line of resistance”.
We see no objection to UK informing Australia and New Zealand because of commonwealth relationship. We would also expect to keep them informed in view of our ANZUS relationship and in fact we did inform Webb fully of the then status of the matter during his recent visit here.
The US would expect to inform others in accordance with its standing policies in such matters, possibly varying the precise formulation of the terms of reference according to the circumstances of the case. Also, we assume that Associated States will be informed in the first instance presumably by France.

We suggest that a letter of memorandum be handed to Eden to the foregoing effect at the time you explain the above points orally.

For your information US and British Chiefs have exchanged despatches on the subject of level of representation. British Chiefs originally proposed Chief of Staff level or two star level. US Chiefs replied that they preferred two star level. British Chiefs yesterday requested reconsideration of this matter and US Chiefs replied that they still preferred the two star level and were not willing to raise it to the Chief of Staff level but would go along with British and French senior representation from Washington which would mean that the British could designate four star General Whiteley 4 and French could designate three star General Valluy. That is acceptable to the French. US Chiefs intend to maintain their direct representation in these meetings on two star level, even if British accept this last proposal. We feel here that this particular matter is one which can be adjusted between the Chiefs themselves. End FYI.

  1. Drafted by the Secretary of State; cleared by Admiral Radford.
  2. Supra .
  3. Dated May 18, p. 841.
  4. Gen. Sir John F. M. Whiteley, Chairman, British Joint Services Mission in Washington, and British Representative on the NATO Standing Group.