751G.00/5–1954: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State

top secret

Dulte 86. Repeated information Paris 295. Eyes only Ambassador Paris. Chauvel states privately Bidault somewhat concerned by fact he cannot be in on impending French–US talks in Paris and thinking of suggesting they be held here between him and me. Reminded Chauvel that military aspect of talks and other reasons made it desirable to have them in Paris and will talk with Bidault at early [Page 854] opportunity to see how seriously he takes this. ElyTrapnell talks1 should not take place here. My own feeling is that talks should be held in Paris, with Bidault kept fully and currently informed through me, allowing him time to express his views before decisions are reached.2

  1. For documentation on the talks held between Generals Ely and Trapnell, see volume xiii.
  2. The Department of State in telegram Tedul 97, May 20, replied as follows: “Concur your views Dulte 86 re location talks and your informing Bidault.” (Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 242)