Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 285

Memorandum by the Special Adviser to the United States Delegation ( Heath ) to the Head of the Delegation ( Smith )


At this morning’s meeting of Six it was agreed:

that Laotian and Cambodian delegates would carry the ball, with US, UK and France generally supporting their statements either directly after them or after Communist speeches in between.
that general line would be that while the Vietnamese problem was both military and political, the Cambodian and Laotian problems were purely military and simpler than the Vietnamese military problem.
that they would deny the existence of the phantom govts and maintain that if Vietminh forces left, problem would be solved.
Cambodia would be prepared to suggest international control over withdrawal of Vietminh forces and to prevent their reentry.
that nothing would be said about elections except as a retreat position, in which case both Laos and Cambodia would refer to their constitutional provisions concerning periodic elections.
when Communists raise question of withdrawal of French forces, Cambodians and Laotians will suggest they withdraw except as provided by respective treaties or to the extent the two countries request them to remain.
that if Communists attempted to pass to other questions without agreement being reached on separating Laotian-Cambodian questions, determined effort would be made to resist it. (West could call for Plenary session on this point. There would be no point in appointing sub-committees until agreement had been reached in principle.)

Eden would like to sum up discussion but Chauvel suggested he might do so better tomorrow when he is in chair.

Chauvel commented that at yesterday’s meeting Molotov appeared to be seeking formula for separation Laotian-Cambodian cases, whereas Chou seemed cool and Dong opposed.

It was pointed out that Molotov might try to force discussion point by point on French and Vietminh proposals.