320.2 AB/5–1354: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation1


761. I believe that steps might now be taken to bring UN into Southeast Asia picture by instituting UN Observation in Indochina area. I think Thai presentation would be more effective than Cambodia or Laos initiative, since it would come from experienced representatives of an indisputably independent UN Member.

[Page 791]

Therefore suggest you approach Prince Wan and ask him whether he would agree to revive Thai plan of June, 1953, for use of Peace Observation Commission in Indochina area to observe and report on threats to Thai security. Sarasin is familiar with Thai plan.2

If Thais would ask for POC, we would hope to push matter through SC to Soviet veto and then urgently convene GA. Assembly would be asked designate POC Subcommission perhaps composed of Pakistan, India, Uruguay, New Zealand and Sweden. We would expect Associated States to associate themselves with Thai request at early stage and authorize Subcommission to enter their territory. POC Subcommission terms of reference would indicate that Subcommission could carry out observation in general area of Indochina and send observers to any state in area on its request.

If Wan agrees, you should consult French, British and Associated States representatives.

  1. Drafted by Popper and Stein of UNA/UNP. Repeated to USUN as telegram 555, to Paris as telegram 4068, to London as telegram 6061, to Bangkok as telegram 2234, and to Saigon as telegram 2291.
  2. For documentation on this plan, see volume xiii .