751J.00/5–1354: Telegram

The Chargé at Vientiane (Rives) to the Department of State


34. Sent Saigon priority 103, priority Geneva unnumbered, repeated information Paris 23. Crown Prince informed me today that Laotian Government has sent instructions Laotian delegation Geneva to oppose invitation so-called Pathet Lao members on both political and military grounds. Laotian Government sees no reason recognition Pathet Lao in view danger to Laos comes from outside and fears usual infiltration into power if even de facto recognition given. Militarily, Laos Government foresees continual ability Communist Laotians call for help of Viet Minh or China once their existence admitted.

Chargé requested [forward?] Laotian Government plea that US stand firm in opposition to invitation Pathet Lao participate conference.1

  1. The U.S. Delegation replied in telegram Secto 204, May 14, as follows: “You may assure Crown Prince US firm in opposition invitation Pathet Lao and Khmer resistance groups.” (396.1 GE/5–1454)