396.1 GE/5–1054: Telegram

Second Plenary Session on Indochina, Geneva, May 10, 3 p.m.: The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 162. Repeated information Saigon niact 53, Paris niact 234, London 146, Tokyo 40, Phnom Penh, Vientiane unnumbered. Department pass Defense. Tokyo pass CINCFE. Viet Minh tabled following proposal for restoration peace Indochina at second plenary session:

“In order to achieve the re-establishment of peace in Indochina the following shall be deemed necessary:

  • “1. Recognition by France of the sovereignty and independence of Vietnam throughout the territory of Vietnam and also of the sovereignty and independence of Khmer and Pathet Lao.
  • “2. Conclusion of an agreement on the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the territory of Vietnam, Khmer and Pathet Lao within the time-limits to be agreed upon between the belligerents. Pending the withdrawal of troops the dislocation of French troops in Vietnam shall be agreed upon, particular attention being paid to limit to the minimum the number of their dislocation points. Provision shall be made that the French troops should not interfere in the affairs of local administration in the areas of their dislocation.
  • “3. Holding of free general elections in Vietnam, Khmer and Lao. Convening of advisory conferences of the representatives of the governments of both sides in Vietnam, Khmer and Pathet Lao, in each of the States separately and under conditions securing freedom of activity for patriotic parties, groups and social organizations in the preparation and the holding of free general elections to establish a unified government in each country; while interference from outside should not be permitted. Local commissions will be set up to supervise the preparation for and the carrying out of the elections.

    “Prior to the establishment of unified governments in each of the above-mentioned States, the governments of both sides will respectively [Page 754] carry out their administrative functions in the districts which will be under their administration after the settlement had been carried out in accordance with the agreement on the termination of hostilities.

  • “4. The statement by the delegation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on the readiness of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to examine the question of the entry of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam into the French Union in conformity with the principle of free will and on the conditions of this entry. Corresponding statements should be made by the Governments of Khmer and Pathet Lao.
  • “5. The recognition by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, as well as by Khmer and Pathet Lao of the economic and cultural interests of France existing in these countries.

    “After the establishment of unified governments in Vietnam, Khmer, Pathet Lao the economic and cultural relations of these States with France should be subject to the settlement in conformity with the principles of equality and mutual interest. Pending the establishment of the unified governments in the three States, the economic and cultural relations of Indochina with France will temporarily remain without a change, such as they exist now. However, in the areas where communications and trade ties have been broken off, they can be reestablished on the basis of understanding between both sides.

    “The citizens of both sides will enjoy the privileged status to be determined later, in matters pertaining to domicile, movement and business activities on the territory of the other side.

  • “6. The belligerent sides undertake not to prosecute persons who collaborated with the other side during the war.
  • “7. Carrying out mutual exchange of prisoners of war.
  • “8. Implementation of measures referred to in paragraphs 1–7, should be preceded by the cessation of hostilities in Indochina and by the conclusion to this end of appropriate agreements between France and each of the three States which should provide for:
    • a. Complete and simultaneous cease-fire throughout the whole of the Indochina territory by all armed forces of the belligerent sides: ground, naval and air. Both sides in each of the three States of Indochina for the purpose of strengthening the armistice will carry out a necessary settlement of territories and of the areas occupied by them, and it should also be provided that both sides should not hinder each other during the passage, for the purpose of the above-mentioned settlement, by the troops of the other side over the territory occupied by the other side;
    • b. Complete termination of transportation into Indochina from abroad of new ground, naval and air units or personnel, or any kind of arms and ammunition;
    • c. To set up control over the implementation of the terms of agreement on the cessation of hostilities and to establish for this purpose in each of the three States mixed commissions composed of the representatives of the belligerent sides.”