110.11 DU/5–1354: Telegram

LunsSmith Meeting, Geneva, May 10: The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Dulte 65. Repeated information The Hague 12, Djakarta 2, Canberra 8. Luns called on me at his request May 10 to discuss united action in Southeast Asia. I told him that we regarded Dutch as one of our staunchest allies in Europe and referred to early Dutch ratification of EDC and many evidences close-working cooperation between our two countries. I said that it was regrettable to have to tell one of our closest European allies that it was not possible to invite their participation in alliance in Asia for reasons which were apparent to him.

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Luns said that he understood this completely. He said that Dutch have large investments and interests in Southeast Asia which they were prepared to defend. He said that they would not let New Guinea go and that Australians were in complete agreement on this point. He added that Dutch were sending additional forces to area, replacing territorials with Marines and adding cruiser and possibly two destroyers to their naval forces there. He said that these units would be available if needed. All he asked is that Dutch be kept informed of developments. I assured him that we would do this.